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Food shopping spree

food shopping spree

Bonuses edit Many bonuses were available during the Big Sweep at different times during the show's run.
"Frozen Yogurt Machine" Dispensing three flavors of frozen yogurt into a plastic cup, from the following four flavors: Triple Fudge Chocolate, Vanilla Bean Dream, Sweet Peachy Peach, and Berry Berry Raspberry.
The correct item was tagged with the show's logo and a clue for a second item to be found.Some of these included: "Bonus Specials" (Value: 50200, later up to 250) The only bonus feature to appear in every episode."Giant Box of Laundry Detergent" (Value: 25100) A giant box of laundry detergent (Cheer or Gain) was located at the back of the store with four colored envelopes attached (one 100, three 25; later 25, 50, 75, 100).If the contestant guessed right on a second chance (multiple choice at that point, and consisting of a maximum three choices that team earned.Failing to find the marked package, returning it after time ran out, or bringing back an unmarked package or one of an incorrect product, awarded no bonus.A toss-up question (usually a rhyming couplet) was asked with a particular product as the answer.In later editions, players used a plastic bag and were then required to use a twist tie to seal the bag.The original show was broadcast.The contestant who answered the last of the three questions correctly earned the right to take a taste test of a food item in the market; correctly identifying the item earned that team a 50 bonus for the Big Sweep.Only the runners could be in the market; their partners were required to remain at the checkout counter behind a red restraining line and unload the groceries unless specifically allowed across it by producers (who usually only did so to allow a contestant to retrieve.The format combined an ordinary team-based quiz show with the novel concept of a live, timed race through a supermarket.On the Friday show, the first three teams played an eight-question Round Robin game, where each correct answer was worth 50 towards their Sweep total.The questions answered correctly added time to their clocks.This approach has not only boosted Future Groups organic growth in terms of geography but also in terms of formats.The host for the ABC version was Bill Malone.Last year, country door coupon codes 2014 it acquired 124 retail stores of Heritage Fresh in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Chennai.A year after its debut, the bonus was doubled to 100 if the product was brought back within 20 seconds.
An original rule was that once a clue was used on one of the words in the list, it was not to be used again (doing so also lead to disqualification of that team however this rule was later scrapped.
A runner was required to grind a pound of beans, seal the bag, and place it in the cart.