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Frequency sweep generator matlab

frequency sweep generator matlab

Device Test Plan supports connection with external systems through serial communication.
UV and visible range IOU-10, sweep units, triggered, high temporal resolution TSU11-10.
3) You can configure your frequently used Panel Setting Files in the Hot Panel Setting Toolbar, so that they can be loaded at one single mouse click.
Temporal resolution: 20 ps (single-shot) / 25 ps (repetitive).Save and Load Panel Setting You can save your preferred instrument panel setting either as default or as a customized panel setting for later use.The operation principle inherently does not add trigger jitter.Ljsg with ljpd/VI In order to generate a low jitter synchronization signal the fast photodiode ljpd/VI is used with the sinus generator ljsg.Triggered, low temporal resolution TSU12-10, synchroscan SSU11-10, sweep units (orthogonal).What is a Multi-Instrument system?The SC-10 main unit itself is combined with an electro-magnetic shutter and image intensifier to allow single photon detection.The freebies birmingham uk ljfd/N has an additional input to enable single pulses to pass the device with very low jitter also.Synchroscan frequency: 80 MHz, frame rate: 0 15 Hz, field of applications: Laser physics, research in Chemistry and Biology.Software Select the appropriate version for the readout camera you use.SC-10/S20/PB with IOV-10 and SSU11-10, TSU21-10 as well as SRU-ED Temporal resolution: 2 ps Timebase: 300 ps 1 ns Wavelength: 350 nm 850 nm Synchroscan frequency: 250 MHz Trigger frequency: 0 10 KHz (orthogonal) Timebase: 10.5 s (orthogonal) Frame rate: 0 150.This article provides examples how these image data can be read by matlab or how tiff files can be generated automatically be using matlab.Select the distributor for your country here and ask for AN-Time-Dispersion of CT-Spectrometers.The synchronization signal can be used to drive the SSU11-10 sweep unit or the TDC.PC based USB Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers and Signal Generators, Virtins Technology's, real Time Analyzers, NI DAQmx cards, sound cards, etc.Triggered, fast TSU21-10, triggered, slow TSU22-10, elliptical sweep SBU21-10.It consists of an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, signal generator, multimeter and five add-on software modules: data logger, spectrum 3D Plot, vibrometer, LCR meter and device test plan, all of which can run simultaneously and in real time.This function is designed specially for vibration analysis.
These systems provide a high degree of flexibility discount tire reno okc and cover a large range of applications.
It supports a variety of hardware ranging from sound cards which are available in almost all computers to proprietary ADC and DAC hardware such as NI DAQmx cards, Virtins Technologys.