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Gift certificate law canada

gift certificate law canada

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The Risk of Reloadable Prepaid Cards 6/25/09) The Wall Street Journal has an article (WSJ - A Push to Regulate Prepaid Cards ) about the risks associated with reloadable prepaid debit/gift cards, namely that they aren't subject to the Credit Card Act of 2009 and.In short, the customer took his 50 amex gift card to a store and was unable to use.Other than that, the rules specify that gift cards must be valid for at least 5 years and has stricter rules about how information about fees must be displayed to the consumer prior to purchase.While couponing for a specific experience may appear as a reasonable strategy to avoid the application of federal and state gift certificate laws, in reality this may be difficult to implement since some state laws governing the issuance of coupons may require that the coupon.In the event that a ticket or service purchased (in part or in full) using a Gift Card or eGift Card is being refunded, the value or the unused portion thereof (based on the terms and conditions of the fare being refunded) that was originally.Stay away from them.So who is right?I suspect they have been a success because, well, most gift card issuers have been successful and tricking consumers into buying them by hiding the fees and, let's face it, most occasions that would warrant a gift card in our culture have become fairly shallow.Calabria Little noticed in the recently enacted credit card bill was a provision prohibiting retailers and financial institutions from issuing gift cards that expired with a set time, except under certain circumstances.Canadian Province of British Columbia Adopts New Gift Card Regulations (10/18/08) British Columbia has joined Alberta and a number of US states in banning gift card expiration.The card you purchase never gets activated.What exactly does that mean anyway?Donate Your Unwanted Gift Cards (7/9/09) m has launched a companion site m that you can use to donate gift cards to one contest police report of their (limited) listed charities.This could either happen because States are truly concerned about the consumer (not betting on it) or they are increasingly looking for additional cash to grab (most likely).He called amex customer service on the spot and a half hour on the phone resulted in little help and somewhat of a rude experience.