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Mega millions sweepstakes phone call

mega millions sweepstakes phone call

This is one of several scams that falsely use the Mega Millions name.
If you butlins day visitor vouchers 2015 cannot find the answers you seek on our site, we encourage you to contact the customer service office of the Lottery in your jurisdiction.
And as with other new scams, this one uses the names of prominent websites and internet companies in an attempt to lend authenticity to the scam.We want to provide you with the most comprehensive information about Mega Millions, and we want to do so in a timely manner.If you are told that you can verify the prize by calling a certain number, that number may be part of the scam.Another trick is to send the winner a bogus check and ask the winner to send money back to cover expenses.Mega Millions media contacts.If you are told that you need to keep your win confidential, be suspicious."I hope you have a good time spending this money the caller said before she hung.Submit a report and join forces with others like you!Operating around the world, such scams often target people living in other countries the lottery warns.The scam includes an e-mail to prospective victims, claiming that the recipient has won a large amount of money, and encouraging the winner to give personal information to a program coordinator.How the Scam Works: The Lottery Scam: You receive a phone call or letter informing you that youve won the Mega Millions, but you have to wire or mail hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees to a third party.When the check clears it is found to be fraudulent and you are responsible for the money lost.You cant win a legitimate lottery if you didnt buy a ticket.The Pennsylvania Lottery is aware of calls like this and offers tips on its website to help people avoid them."Lottery scams usually begin with an unexpected phone call or email telling you that 'You have won!' a large sum of money or other prize.Add a complaint and spread the word.If you receive a call or e-mail from outside of the.Scammers are back to their old tricks; they have returned to impersonating the lottery with a Mega Millions phone and mail scam that has targeted consumers in Michigan.They are using, in some cases, the lottery scam, but, in other cases, both the lottery scam and the over-payment scam.
Be careful of being selected as a winner for something you didnt enter.