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Nxt rookie diva challenge kissing contest

nxt rookie diva challenge kissing contest

After Kaitlyn is Maxine who he sprays her in the mouth with breath-spray before she only allows him to kiss her hand.
Edit Locked, at the end of episode 5 (with the commentators as usual snarking all discount computer depot austin the way we got this hilarious misunderstanding after the first elimination: Michael Cole : Uh, ladies and gentlemen, Jamie Keyes eliminated here tonight, that means just five more to get.
The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase.At the March 11, 2012 episode of FCW Televison, Maxine was fired from the Position of the acting General Manager and was later replaced with Summer Rae.In August 2011, she made her return.After we are asked to Stand up for WWE, we go backstage again where Primo and.J try to find somewhere private but.J decides that standing near a container is private enough she doesnt get to tell him as she then wonders why the.Going backstage, Primo tells.J that she looks good and that he was jealous when Rhodes kissed her, she says that shes been wanting to tell him something for a while now and as she may get eliminated, this seems to be the best time.Weight 120 lbs (54 kg born, april 19, 1986 (age 31 karlee Perez (April 19, 1986 ).On an episode of FCW televison, after Naomi lost to Aksana in a FCW Divas Championship match.She promptly fainted and then got on the mic to say it wasn't true and that somebody had made a mistake.They try the bathroom and Maxine is inside.On October 5 edition of NXT lost to Aksana, and unsuccessfully competed in a "Mechanical Bull Riding" contest and a "Talent Show" contest after Hornswoggle shoved pie in her face.She later changed her name to Liviana and became a manager for Sweet Papi Sanchez.She competed in a 8 diva tournament to determine the inaugural FCW Divas Champion.Ted DiBiases music hits and he makes his way onto the stage with Maryse, with DiBiase telling them not to be so surprised as it isnt the first time that money has destroyed a marriage, but as the wedding is now off, Aksana is going.Punk remarking that he liked to watch NXT every week without pants.Primo and AJ are trying to find a private spot backstage.On the 100th episode of NXT Redemption, Maxine and Johnny Curtis' wedding ceremony was interrupted by Derrick Bateman who was showing a security camera video clip in his locker room of Johnny Curtis stealing Bateman's iPad and sending an e-mail to Theodore Long about getting.Striker says that the contest has to be reset, meaning that Kaitlyn has to take her turn again.