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Office costume contest ideas

office costume contest ideas

Encourage employees to dress up and show up!
Bobbing for Apples and Other Games: Bobbing for apples is a tradition many of your employees will decide to skip, but it's fun for those who are interested.
Guess how many candy corn pieces are in a jar.
Go and volunteer, if your coworkers are going to be a little antsy, you might as well pour all that energy into some volunteering.Having a bit of a break before delving into the last two months promo codes homebase of the year can do wonders for end-of-the-year productivity.Keep an eye out for the informal leaders who emerge during the process who you might be able to develop further.You can keep the event simple and encourage people to just wear their costume to work for the day.Holiday theme parties are excellent ways to improve relationships with employees and boost morale.Halloween celebrations at work are a popular way to mark the occasion of this increasingly widely celebrated holiday.Sounds like a real winner.Games and activities are a gre at choice because they are easy to set up and only take about 30-60 minutes to complete.What they come up with tells you something about the people in the group.Costumes with hoods, ghoul, dementor, monk, easily removable Costumes.Photograph costumes and activities to share with fans and followers on Facebook, Twitter and your companys website.Company employees have visited elder care centers in full costume and passed out treats.Contact a local charity, soup kitchen, or animal shelter to see if you and some of your employees can volunteer for the day.
Halloween at the Office.