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Raffle ticket prize ideas

raffle ticket prize ideas

Tea for Two, cinema Gift Card, meal Vouchers for pubs restaurants.
Once you secure donations of enticing prizes, print them on your raffle tickets, if possible, so purchasers have a visual reminder of the prizes.
Often businesses are happy to donate products or services to local charities / clubs or school, so its always worth asking, you never know what they may offer.An added bonus is that one or two of these might be in your own home.Cash prizes Always a good idea in any raffle drawing because people can use the cash as they wish.The more chances to win something nice, the higher the ticket price aliexpress virgin hair coupon code bump.Some of the best raffle ideas are those that are easy to do and raise a lot of money.How great would it be to have someone clean your house, pull weeds, wash the car, shovel the walk, or do some painting?Household tasks are something everyone would love the chance to outsource (even once).Location, location, location Go where people are shopping to sell raffle tickets like outside grocery stores and other high-traffic retail locations.Recruit a local travel agent or agency what are the chances of winning the lottery tonight to donate the trip as a sponsor to your raffle.So, lets take a look at the best prize ideas for each format: Door prizes Gift cards and gift certificates make great door prizes.Use of a limousine for an evening.A brand-new car as a prize will also increase the amount for which each ticket can sell.Or, you can have a selection to pick from at various levels.Subscription to a food delivery service.g.Dont forget to keep what does state farm discount double check mean your potential audience in mind when youre sourcing your prizes to make sure the prize is the type of gift theyd love to receive.The prizes on offer will inevitably effect the amount of raffle tickets bought buy your supporters, so if the time, facilities and budget is available, it will often pay off to source really great, unique, impressive prizes.
One-of-a-Kind Items : Signed sports memorabilia, artwork, and antiques generate buzz as well as sell raffle tickets.